The inspiration of hexagonal plant stand design came to me, when I was looking at some wall mounted shelves in some interior posts on instagram. The shape really exited me due to the complex design yet a simple geometric way of execution. 

This project was rattling in my mind for a long time, but it took the covid 19 lockdown for me to get very serious about it. Me and my family all got really excited and started making this stand. 

At first I just concentrated on making a hexagon frame, each section was about 2 ft in length. And it was 4 ft across from flat end to end.

At this point I don’t really have a lot of experience welding. Let me just tell you I don’t do this for a living or anything. I am a business process consultant and i also have a company called vherbs making personal care products.

Welding is a hobby I developed because I had a welding machine which was left at my house by someone who I guess didn’t need it anymore and a lot of scrap metal due to reconstruction work which was halted due to the pandemic. More on that later.

So I added a vertical support to the shape, as I thought it will need this support when we arrange heavy plant pots on it. Then I made a sort of a designer stand for the same and attached it to it then we painted it as a family.

First an anti-rust red oxide layer then a pearl white enamel. It was a very fulfilling and rewarding experience with our own lockdown story which gave us a lot of joy. It was especially a lot of fun looking at our 5 year old muddle around with a paint brush painting something I had made with my own 2 hands and enjoying the time spent together as a family.  

There were a lot of teaching moments that I cherished with her and spen a lot of time cleaning her after she was done. She learnt how to paint also how to take basic instructions and how not to get paint in her hair. Well that last one not so much but yaa that she could have a lot of fun and pride making something. 

At some point in there my mother also joined our team of painters. This project was an eye opener for me, this project really showed me that it only takes something as simple as painting something to involve a lot of people in your house and that doing something, anything with your hands really relaxes you. These activities gave us an opportunity to relax talk about something other than the normal monotonous things in our daily lives and it gave us a new to talk about. 

And it gave me a really go reason why my cloths were so dirty all the time.

The end result of this 2 week long activity was this beautiful plant stand that was made with a lot of fun, learning, and joy. If any one wants the plans for this plz contact me and you can also make the same.


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